"Fading" - EXHIBITION AT PH21 GALLERY IN BUDAPEST / by Claude Peschel Dutombe

"Resurrection" is the title of the picture that was shown in "Fading" - A juried group exhibition at PH21 Gallery in Budapest.



There is a fun story that goes with this picture.
My sister submitted her very first photo-based work to this exhibition and while she explained to me her concept she asked me if I could come up with something that would compliment her work. Based on her concept that was a sequence of pictures about a life circle represented in a shape of the infinity sign, I wanted to find something that would symbolize the intersection of growth and decay in a single frame.
So I went out for a stroll and found this picture in a small park under a tree.

At the end we managed to have both other pieces in this exhibition....a family event.

Here are some installation shots from the exhibition.