One Twelve Publishing - video series “Handcrafted Photography" by Claude Peschel Dutombe

Blue Mitchell from One Twelve Publishing put the 1st part of a video series together called  “Handcrafted Photography".
In short interview sections several artists are asked to answer some questions about their personal reasons for using hand crafted methods as well as insight into their creative process. Featured in part 1 are Diana Bloomfield, Jessica Somers, James Wigger & myself.

Number 1. Presentation version. Featuring Diana Bloomfield, Jessica Somers, Claude Peschel Dutombe & James Wigger

"Oppa" on "Don't Take Pictures" Magazine's picture of the day by Claude Peschel Dutombe

My beloved grandpa featured as picture of the day at Don't Take Pictures !

What a patient model he was. We had close to minus Celcius here and it took forever to position the mirror in the right place.
Note the three fishing lines? Yes, digital tricks in the old days, all handmade "magic"!

The Hand Magazine issue #13 - back cover by Claude Peschel Dutombe

"The Number 13 is a karmic number and is the number of upheaval so that new ground can be broken."

The HAND is bringing it's 13th issue and one piece from "Naraka, Buddhist Hell" is featured on the back cover.

"Holding hands" at one of the Naraka hell gardens during a shooting session.

"Holding hands" at one of the Naraka hell gardens during a shooting session.

Pryme Magazine - Artist interview feature by Claude Peschel Dutombe

Pryme magazine published a lengthily artist interview feature about Claude's life when he was growing up in East-Berlin and his series "Dreams of a Distant Place".

If you are interested to read the full interview you can download it from this link here.