"Don't take pictures" magazine

"Oppa" on "Don't Take Pictures" Magazine's picture of the day by Claude Peschel Dutombe

My beloved grandpa featured as picture of the day at Don't Take Pictures !

What a patient model he was. We had close to minus Celcius here and it took forever to position the mirror in the right place.
Note the three fishing lines? Yes, baby...no digital tricks in the old days, all handmade "magic"!

"Instamatic", online group exhibition by "Don't take pictures" by Claude Peschel Dutombe

"Having been largely replaced by digital technology, film cameras retain a certain romantic quality. Instant film cameras in particular continue to be used by photographers who embrace the imperfect rendering of light and color, and who enjoy the intimate, immediate, one-of-a-kind print that is produced."

"Instamatic", an all instant film online exhibit curated by "Don't take pictures" magazine.

One of the portraits from the in progress series "Ayuthaya Heritage" participated.

Ayutthaya Heritage