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"Flawed / an instant film exhibition" at A Smith Gallery by Claude Peschel Dutombe

"Flawed / an instant film exhibition" at A Smith Gallery has been put together by Michael Kirchoff.
"You simply cannot put together a great show without quality submissions to draw from, and this call for entries provided a goldmine of stunning images. I can honestly say that each and every entrant showed me gorgeous work that made the selection process brutally difficult...and I couldn't have been happier about it!" - Michael Kirchoff


Kuala Lumpur International PhotoAwards 2015 - Finalist by Claude Peschel Dutombe

One portrait of the "Ayutthaya Heritage" series made it into the finalist selection of the Kuala Lumpur International PhotoAwards this year.

You can view all finalists on this page here

Ayutthaya Heritage #2

Ayutthaya Heritage #2

Finalists and winners are exhibited from August 1st - 15th.

Here are a few installation shots of the exhibition.


Pryme Magazine - Artist interview feature by Claude Peschel Dutombe

Pryme magazine published a lengthily artist interview feature about Claude's life when he was growing up in East-Berlin and his series "Dreams of a Distant Place".

If you are interested to read the full interview you can download it from this link here.

"Instamatic", online group exhibition by "Don't take pictures" by Claude Peschel Dutombe

"Having been largely replaced by digital technology, film cameras retain a certain romantic quality. Instant film cameras in particular continue to be used by photographers who embrace the imperfect rendering of light and color, and who enjoy the intimate, immediate, one-of-a-kind print that is produced."

"Instamatic", an all instant film online exhibit curated by "Don't take pictures" magazine.

One of the portraits from the in progress series "Ayuthaya Heritage" participated.

Ayutthaya Heritage